Praying with the Squirrels — Lesson 2/7

— To read the introductory materials, please refer to Lesson 1.

Lesson 2

When the old Jesuit gives each squirrel his or her own appropriate portion, they stop fighting with each other and become content with what they have. If they keep their eyes on him, they will surely receive the appropriate portion, thus learning how to appreciate and receive instead of eyeing one another and fight for food. He gives them the amount each one needs (because he knows his squirrels) and they trust him. Interestingly, when a smart squirrel digs a hole to hide his extras deep in the ground, thinking that it will be safe, other squirrels know and find it sooner or later.


When we keep our eyes on God and look up to Him to receive what we need (gifts that are fitting and meaningful), we will receive true gifts out of loving care, thus becoming content beyond materialistic comparison and worries. When we keep our eyes on others’ portions, we become self-pitied, selfish, jealous, and hating, wanting to get what others have and we do not – even to the point of hurting and stealing from others. That happens because of our egotistical and distorted nature after the Fall (because of our “original” and universal pride and selfishness), especially when we are too focused on materialism and/or forget what we have! Keep our eyes on God and appreciate His lessons and gifts that are beyond materialism, at the same time filling for our souls. Recognize, appreciate, and learn from Him and we shall be filled deep down. Stop trying to “snatch” things from others out of self-pity, jealousy, and shallowness.

“Father, please let me keep my eyes on you and rest in your love – and not other things.”

Scriptural suggestion: Ezekiel 36:16-31 and/or Hosea 11:1-9