Praying with the Squirrels — Lesson 3/7

— To read the introductory materials, please refer to Lesson 1.

Lesson 3

When a squirrel is happy and content with what with what it receives, it savors the morsels of food, letting it get digested slowly instead of gulping things down. There is just that joy and happiness (and the simple cuteness expressed) when they calmly enjoy their food. Thus, when these things happen, its system and memory naturally register the “happy” moment – not just the appetite alone, especially the face of the giver in its memories of “security,” so when the giver comes back the squirrel learn how to recognize, be opened, and trust in that person. Sometimes, in order to train the squirrels not to become lazy, the old Jesuit would skip a random day so they would learn how to be aware and seek the abundance of food (in different forms) elsewhere.


If we take time to slow down and be aware of the graces, blessings, life lessons, and gifts that are active in our lives, our memory will register those instances. More than that, that sense of true peace will register in our HEART of heart. Many times, His gifts and blessings come in different forms (often not in the form that we wanted or accustomed to), it is up to us to learn and seek them out, because even though they are different forms, they all come from one true love of the Giver. If we remember this reality, we will become “aware of the presence of the Giver” and learn how to savor and appreciate His gifts, especially register the precious presence of Him and create a spiritual meeting ground and loving relationship between the Giver and the receiver. This is the beginning of prayer: gratitude in knowing that God loves and meets me where I am today…

“Father, please let me savor your moments of loving grace in my life.”

Scriptural suggestions: Luke 1:26-38 and/or 1 Samuel 3:1-11