Praying with the Squirrels — Lesson 4/7

— To read the introductory materials, please refer to Lesson 1.

Lesson 4

When I have my chance to know the squirrels, I start to address more personally. They are no longer some squirrels, but there is that natural caring feeling to keep thinking about them, “How are my squirrels doing today?” I often think about them when I am not with them, and always try to find different options to nourish and show my loving care for them (even when they do not recognize all that went on behind my simple actions).


The same thing can be said about God and our relationship with Him. When we get to know Him intimately, we cannot simply go on to address Him as “some god that is out there” but “My God – Abba – My Father – My only love.” It is natural for us to take possession of the one whom we love personally in all possible ways; thus, our love for God begins like that but will become much more sacrificial and self-giving as it matures.

God already knows, loves, and calls us by name, it is up to us to listen to that unique identity, mission, and vocation so we can live fully as His sons and daughters, and ultimately be happy to bring and share that love with other brothers and sisters that are lost or still seeking Him.

When we know who and where He is, we are able to identify and find Him instead of seeking false and temporary happiness elsewhere. In an amazing way, when we are truly with Him, we become spiritually united with our brothers and sisters of good will to call out “Abba – Our Father” and rest in His love.

* To mark the halfway point of our 7-day meditation, I would like to include a small part of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s writings as another valuable reference for your spiritual journey. They show her burning desire to satiate the thirst of Jesus. She is particularly clear in her encouragement for us to become children of God the Father, imitate Jesus, and letting ourselves be immersed with workings of the Holy Spirit.

“Father, I love to be with you.”

Scriptural suggestions: 1 John 4:7-19 and/or Psalm 23


[Please try to understand Mother’s writing style, especially when English is not her first language.]

You have said “Yes” to Jesus – and He has taken you at your word. The Word of God became Man – Poor. Your word to God – became Jesus – poor so this terrible emptiness you experience. God cannot fill what is full. He can fill only emptiness – deep poverty – and your “Yes” is the beginning of being or becoming empty. It is not how much we really have to give – but how empty we are – so that we can receive fully in life and let Him live His life in us.

In you today – He wants to relive His complete submission to His Father – allow Him to do so. Does not matter what you feel – as long as He feels alright in you. Take away your eyes from your self and rejoice that you have nothing – that you are nothing – that you can do nothing. Give Jesus a big smile – each time your nothingness frightens you.

This is the poverty of Jesus. You and I must let Him live in us & through us in the world.

Cling to Our Lady – for she too – before she could become full of grace – full of Jesus – had to go through that darkness “How could this be done?” But the moment she said “Yes,” she had need to go in haste to give Jesus to John & his family.

Keep giving Jesus to your people not by words but by your example – by your being in love with Jesus – by radiating His holiness and spreading His fragrance of love everywhere you go.

Just keep the joy of Jesus as your strength. Be happy and at peace. Accept whatever He gives – and give whatever He takes with a big smile. You belong to Him – tell Him I am Yours & if you cut me to pieces every single piece will be only all Yours.

Tell Jesus, “I will be the one.” I will comfort, encourage and love Him… Be with Jesus. [During His trial] He prayed and prayed, and then he went to look for consolation, but there was none… I always write that sentence, “I looked for one to comfort me, but I have no one.” Then I write, “Be the one.” So now you must be that one. Try to be the one to share with Him, to comfort Him, to console Him. So let us ask our Lady to help us understand… do whatever you believe God is asking you to do to be the one to satiate Him.

You know – as much as I do – Christ cannot deceive. Therefore whatever we do to the least – we do it to Him. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. For He alone is the way worth following, the light worth lighting, the life worth living, and the love worth loving…