Praying with the Squirrels — Lesson 5/7

— To read the introductory materials, please refer to Lesson 1.

Lesson 5

Those squirrels who live near an acorn tree outside of the Dining Hall have an abundant resource of their favorite nut (on top of their daily portions from the old Jesuit) that they become wasteful – throwing away a lot of the outer substance. They even get to the point of being picky: not wasting their time with the smaller or un-fresh acorns. On the other hand, the squirrels in the Jesuit Garden do not have or see an abundance of acorns so when I give them one, they savor and eat every single edible part of it. However, they too become picky when being used of me bringing them a fresh batch of acorns every day. I still try to feed them in a simple and loving way because of the love for God’s creations.


The same thing happens to us a lot of time, we under-appreciate and take things for granted, especially for the invaluable gift of redemption, abundance of talent, grace, love, and mercy are given to us by our loving Father, in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. We become picky, complaining and/or bickering of the gifts while others around the world, those who are lost or trying hard to seek have not felt or seen it yet (they are missing the supernatural and complete picture one way or another). However, out of His love for us, God our Father continues to give because “you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours.” (Luke 15:31)

Our challenge is to see, appreciate and recognize this loving reality and share it with others so they can too experience and see the Trinity’s love instead of becoming inappreciative, jealous, and sadden His love for us. Do not let the love already outpoured go to waste as we become more ignorant and self-entitled.

Father, I thank you for your patience and love in revealing my distrusting and selfish nature. Please help me to trust in you completely for you love me unconditionally and have many things [more] to show me in the way of love.

Scriptural suggestions: Luke 15:11-32 and/or Luke 7:36-50