Praying with the Squirrels — Lesson 6/7

— To read the introductory materials, please refer to Lesson 1.

Lesson 6

When a squirrel eats an acorn or any other type of food, it instinctively knows which one is good and which one is rotten or spoiled. It knows how to remove what is not necessary and eat what is edible. However, sometimes the action becomes too familiar that it becomes sloppy or unaware, thus resulting in a wasteful manner of many good, edible acorns. Squirrels get very sloppy and greedy when I try to feed them some good food, trying to stuff and gulp as much food in their mouth, especially when they see another squirrel or something that is endangering their morsel of food. Nonetheless, nothing is wasted. The morsels forgotten and ignored by squirrels are picked up by sparrows and other birds waiting to eat the leftovers, and the cracked acorns are gaining a providential boost with germination.


We often receive gifts in their complete package with parts that seem to be not useable for us (now) and parts that do. We are called to accept them – with love and appreciation – as a whole and learn how to discern: take what is needed and usable and ignore or put aside what is not. However, when they are “complete” gifts from God, the part(s) we see not as important is sometimes there to teach us something deeper and be useful in the future or in another instance. Do not judge the gifts based on their monetary or materialistic value alone but from the heart of the giver, especially when that Giver is the God who knows what we need (and not what we want). Thus, “gifts” from God could be our significant other, our family, our friends or enemies, a person, a consolation or desolation, life lesson, life itself, etc., so do not simply “pick and choose” but “discover.” Every detail is uniquely designed and chosen for us, meaningful and full of love, not just materialistic alone. Therefore, we cannot throw it away without losing the bond of love, especially what is important and essential for our life.

If we do not appreciate the gifts, we will lose its providential, uniquely-made, meaningful, and life-changing value, and others might learn and “pick” them up – especially those who are more “simple,” aware, profound, or appreciative. Do not be jealous then! Loving grace will become beneficial one way or another (just like rain and sunshine), but sad for us if we do not recognize and receive what is in store. Therefore, learn to receive and love what is given, especially ourselves – our whole humanity and life – as a gift from God to be discovered and discerned (removing what is not of God and keep what is of Him) and become a loving gift for others.

“Father, you are present in everything and everything in my life is your present out of love. Let them remind me of you and help me to see you in them – instead of themselves alone.”

Scriptural suggestion: Luke 12:15-21 and/or Psalm 32