New Ways to Serve and Minister

In this new era of fast technological advances, especially as a response to many restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, I ask for your forgiveness as I am still learning how to maneuver the different technologies to better serve you as a priest. Hence, I have recognized and learned that not many people are familiar or would like to FaceBook so they cannot see the Mass being live-streamed nor get the appropriate notifications whenever there is a new homily podcast.

Therefore, as a way to make things easier, I have used a free re-broadcasting service, and it will stream to FaceBook, Twitter/Periscope, and YouTube together. Here are links to the different social media services and outlets:

Likewise, podcasted homilies are posted and broadcasted through a hosting service to these different means and outlets:
Thank you for your patience, understanding, encouragement, prayers, and supports.

Fr. Khoi Tran