An Important Announcement to Our Tri-Parish Family

With the permission of the Bishop, I would like to share with our tri-parish family an important announcement:

As an immigrant from a Communist country, I have always had a desire of repaying our wonderful nation for her generosity in giving my family a new life of freedom. Through a long period of discernment, a hard journey of weight loss, and an on-going extensive endorsement and accessions process, I am transitioning from parish life to serve our military personnel and their families in the United States Air Force as a Catholic Chaplain and Priest this summer. Bishop Olson and our Diocese have been encouraging, affirmative, and gracious throughout the discernment and application process, especially in willing to offer a diocesan priest to serve our armed forces. I will finish my term here at the three parishes to ensure the smooth transition period of a new parish priest coming on July 1st. Please pray for me, my new mission, and continue to support our three parishes throughout this time of transition.