New Ways to Serve and Minister


In this new era of fast technological advances, especially as a response to many restrictions arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, I ask for your forgiveness as I am still learning how to maneuver the different technologies to better serve you as a priest.

Many things have changed since I begun to livestream Masses for parishioners, family, and friends. In the course of trying to share the Good News, I was misjudged, reported, and labeled as not fit for FaceBook by some peculiar members or their administrative staff without any proper explanations. I have written appeal messages, stating that I never intentionally attacked anyone with my reflections or homilies, but to no avail. This website, I Thirst (John 19:28), has been blocked on the platform and nothing can be shared from it. I apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused you, but I am saddened and baffled at the lack of communications and reasons behind their unfair decision, too.

Nonetheless, podcasted homilies are readily available since they are under a host service, especially for those who do not have consistent high-speed internet or would only like to listen to audio recordings. They are posted to the host server and automatically broadcasted by them to a variety of different outlets like:

Thank you for your patience, understanding, encouragement, prayers, and supports.

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