Prayer Request


How can I pray for you today?

Sometimes the present trials, human sufferings, or life situations are too hard to carry by ourselves. Sometimes we cannot bear what is going on alone and are in need of others to lift us up spiritually. Sometimes we just need to be nourished and strengthened by the communal prayers of the Church and those who are around us.

We all need prayers.

Even though we know we pray not to change the will of God, we can support one another through personal intercessory prayers. We lift and pray for one another as to strengthen our will for the journey and to trust in His divine providence for us, knowing that He cares and wills our good and those whom we love. Prayers remind us that we are not alone, that He is always with us and we are always united with one another spiritually. As people of faith, we remember that all prayers offered can only be in accordance with His divine will and not our particular likings. Therefore, in praying for one another, we are united and lift each other up to trust in His love for us.

If there is something that I can pray for you, please let me know. It is my honor and duty as a priest to do so! I ask that you keep me in your prayers as well. Please pray that I am kept safe from evil, have enough strength and wisdom for the journey, as well as humility and a servant’s heart to serve Holy Mother Church as a priest of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless and keep you,

Fr. Khoi

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