Praying with the Squirrels — Lesson 7/7

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Lesson 7

Even though the squirrels are unaware of their contribution to life, by chewing open the acorns (especially ones that do not fit their appetites) and shaking them off from the tree, they become a life-giving boost for the tree as it passes on its seeds of life for future generations. The same thing with the bees in the Jesuit Garden: by living and performing their daily tasks of collecting nectar faithfully, they bring life to nature through pollination even though they themselves are not aware of it.


More than the university squirrels and bees, if we know who we are in God (our unique, God-given identity, mission, and vocation), our witness and joy will radiate and change the world wherever we go. Even though they might be small and unnoticeable for many, they are big in the eyes of God because He loves me and I love Him.

When we chew open and savor the sweetness His self, life-giving food in the Eucharist or suck the divine nectar (grace of God present in different people and instances) to nourish our lives, God also gives us His pollen (love, truth, and holiness) so we can pollinate that reality to others in small but life-transforming action and duty.

“Father, please send your Spirit to enlightens and guides my heart to feel wholeheartedly your love in meeting and accepting me for who I am; to be with Jesus wherever He is, thus seeking Him in my brothers and sisters, and even in the dark corners of life; and let your transforming mercy free me from the world, the Devil, and my own illusions so I can be in service of your love for humanity.”

Scriptural suggestion: Psalm 51 and/or John 8:3-11